Coke, Diet Coke, lemonade £2.50 (Pint £3.50)
Appletizer £3.20
Tonic water £2.50 (Pint £3.50)
Soda water £2.50 (Pint £3.50)
Bitter lemon £2.50
Ginger Ale £2.50
Still water £2.50 (Large £3.50)
Sparkling water £2.95 (Large £3.95)
Sweet or salty lassi £2.50
Mango lassi £3.95
J20 – orange, apple, rasobery £3.20
orange juice £2.60 (Pints £3.60)
pineapple juice £2.60 (Pints £3.60)
Cranbury juice £2.60 (Pints £3.60)

Pint Cobra £3.95
Half cobra £2.95
Pint kingfisher £3.95
Half kingfisher £2.95

Bottle Coors (330ml) £3.50
Pint John smiths £3.60
Bottle cobra (660m1) £5.50
Bottle cobra (330ml) £3.60
Pint Guinness £3.80
Budweiser £3.60
Becks Blue (Alcohol Beer) £3.60

Magners (330ml) £3.60
Strongbow Dark Fruit cider (330m1) £3.60
Magners (568ml) £4.50
Copparberg (500m1) £4.50

Any Mixers Additional £1.00
Smirnoff Vodka £3.50
Bacardi £3.50
Gordon’s gin £3.50
Gordon’s pink gin £3.60
Captain Morgan £3.60
Morgan spiced rum £3.60
Southern comfort £3.60
Martini-Rosso (double measure) £3.60
Martini-Bianco (double measure) £3.60
Dissaronno £3.60
Malibu £3.60
Archers (double measure) £3.60
Tia Maria (double measure) £3.60
Sambuca £3.60
Tequilla £3.60
Baileys £3.60
Cointreau £3.60
Pimms £3.60

Any Mixers Additional £1.00
Jack Daniels £3.80
Famous Grouse £3.80
Jameson’s £3.80
Bells £3.80
Remy Martin £3.80
Johnnie Walker £3.80
Glenfinnich £3.80
Courvoisier £3.80
Napoleon £3.80

Cockburns £3.60
Harvey’s Bristol Cream £3.60

1.  House Wine (South African) – Medium sweet – 175ml £3.80 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £13.95
2. Pinot Grigio  (Italy) 175ml £3.80 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £14.50 
3. SAUVIGNON BLANC (Chile) 175ml £3.80 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £14.50
4. SHARDONNY (Chile) Bottle £14.95
5. SAUVIGNON BLANC (New Zealand) Bottle £15.95

6. PROSECCO (Italy) Bottle £16.95

7. PROSECCO ROSE Sparkling (Italy) Bottle £16.95

8. MERLOT (Chile) 175ml £3.80 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £14.50
9. SHIRAZ (Australia) 175ml £4.15 | 250ml £5.80 | Bottle £16.75
10. CABERNET SAUVIGNON (Chile) Bottle £14.95
11. MALBEC (Argentina) Bottle £15.95

12. WHITE ZINFANDAL -Rose (USA) 175ml £3.80 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £14.50

13. CHAMPAGNE Moet (Italy) Bottle £38.95

/ Hot
// Very Hot
/// Extra Hot
(M) Mild
(V) Vegetarian
Momo  £5.50
(Steamed or Fried) Chicken or mutton dumplings served with tomato and coriander chutney
Meatballs / £5.50
Freshly prepared with mixed herbs & spices sweet & sour lamb meatballs. 
Bhutuwa £5.50
Popular stir-fried chicken or lamb chunks prepared in a traditional way. Served in a spiced poppadum
Choela Lamb or Chicken  £5.50 
stir-fried with onions, peppers, ginger-garlic & herbs 
Chicken Chilli / £5.50
Pan fried sweet & sour with onions, green chilli, mixed peppers
Paneer Chilli (V) / £4.50
Pan fried sweet & sour Indian cottage cheese with onions and mixed peppers
Chilli Potato (V) / £4.95
Tenderly spiced stir fry herbs potato with sweet & sour chilli sauce 
Mogo Masala (V) £4.95
Kenyas secret) Pan fried sweet & sour cassava with onions & peppers 
Machli Grilled  £5.95
Tilapia fish stir fried with peppers & onions
King Prawn Chilli £6.50
Pan fried sweet & sour king prawns with onions, green chilli, mixed peppers
Squid Ring  £6.50
Deep fried fresh panco coated squid rings 
Crab Cake  £6.50
Freshly handpicked crab cake served with salad
Prawns or Fish Amritsari Chilli £5.95
Pan fried sweet & sour with onions, green chilli & mixed pepperi
Fish Amritsari  £5.50
Punjabi style fried fish.
Poppadum with Chutney Pickle Tray Per Head £1.80 
Chicken / Lamb Tikka/ Paneer Tikka £4.95 
Tandoori Chicken  £4.95 
Duck Tikka  £4.95 
Chicken Wings / Piri Piri Chicken Wings  £4.95 
Lamb Chops (1 pcs)  £5.50 
Sheek Kebab  £4.95 
Reshmi Kebab  £4.95
Wrapped in egg omelette.  
Chicken Chaat  £4.95
Served with puri 
Somosas (Meat or Veg)£3.50 
Onion Bhaji (V)  £3.50 
Vegetable Spring Roll (V) £3.50 
Aloo Tikki Potato Cake (V) £3.50
Paneer Tikka Indian Cheese (V)  £4.95 
Garlic Mushrooms  £3.95 

Stuffed Peppers Chicken, Lamb or Veg  £4.95 

Prawn Cocktail  £3.95 
Prawn Puri  £5.50 
King Prawn Puri  £6.50 
King Prawn Butterfly  £5.95 
Vegetable Platter (For 2) (V)  £10.95
Consisting Of AlooTikki, Onion Baaji, Veg Somosa, Spring Roll, Paneer Tikka 

Mixed Platter (For 2) £11.95
Consisting Of Chicken, Lamb, Sheek Kebab, Onion Baaji, Vegetable Somosa, Meat Somosa./

Tandoori is a charcoal fired beehive shaped clay oven. Tandoori dishes are steeped in a mildly spiced
yoghurt-based marinade and are light and easily digested. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka / Paneer Tikka £8.95 
Shashlick Chicken / Lamb / Paneer Tikka  £9.95
Skewered with capsicums, tomato & onions.
Tandoori Mixed Grill  £12.95
(Served with naan)  Consisting of chicken, lamb, tandoori chicken, chicken wings, sheek kebab. 
Himali Chicken  £11.95
Tenderly marinated barbecued chicken thighs (boneless) with herbs, spices, tamarind sauce served with flavoured steamed vegetables.
Sherpa Lamb  £12.50
Barbecued lamb chops with herbs & spices, served with flavoured steamed vegetables.
Aromatic Duck Tikka  £11.95
Tender strips of duck breast marinated with spices & herbs, deliciously barbecued in clay oven.
Tandoori Chicken 2 pcs on the bone  £9.50
Lounge India Special Mix  £13.95
Chicken, lamb, tandoori chicken, chicken wings, sheek kebab, king prawn, barbecued in clay
oven tossed with garlic mushrooms.   
Tandoori King Prawns (4 pcs)  £14.95
Succulent jumbo king prawns marinated in special sauce, skewered & flamed.
Salmon Maleku  £11.95
Skewered fresh salmon beautifully seasoned with herbs and spices, onions, peppers & tomatoes.
Tandoori Trout  11.95
(Contains bones) Marinated in chefs special sauce barbecued on slow flame, served with garlic stir fried veg.
Sea Food Platter (For 2)  £15.95
Salmon Tikka, King Prawns, Flavoured Squid Ring & Crab Cake.
Dum Ki Nalli (Lamb Shank) £12.95
Velvety caramelized slow hundy cooked full of flavour tender lamb shanks.
Lounge India Special Chops £12.95
Grilled Tandoori chops cooked in a medium spicy thick gravy with chefs mouth-watering secret recipe, served sizzling.
SizzlingTawa £13.50
Marinated chicken, lamb, sheek kebab, king prawn, barbecued in clay oven cooked with garlic, chillies, tomato sauce, fairly dried. Served sizzling.
Afghani £12.50
Strips of chicken or lamb tikka delicately cooked with butter, mint & ginger, served smoked with brandy.
Tezilo £9.95
Hot chicken or lamb tikka with extra green chillies, onion, mixed peppers & touch of coarse coriander seeds.
Roshuni Modhu £9.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with extra garlic, dry chillies, onions, corriander, honey and chefs secret recipe.
Aloo-Chana-Dhan  £9.95
Chicken tikka cooked with mince lamb, potatoes, chickpeas, garlic, ginger in a thick gravy with omelette on top.
Mushroom Garlic Tawa  £10.95
Tender chicken or lamb tikka cooked with extra garlic & ginger, green herbs with garlic mushroom
Silsila 9.95
Chicken/lamb tikka cooked in a thick sauce with crispy potatoes on top.
Lounge India Murghi or Khashi  £9.95
Slow hundy cooked home-made style chicken or lamb cooked with ground mixed peppers,
coriander,tomato, green chillies, garlic & ginger.
Lounge India special Jalfrezi £9.95
Strips of Tandoori chicken cooked in a thick sauce with red peppers, green chillies, spring onions
Shahi Cheese  £.9.95
Chicken or lamb tikka marinated in cheese & garlic- cooked in chefs secret mouth-watering recipe
Bengal Naga Masala //£9.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with fresh naga (red hot chilli) corriander, tomato, onions in a thick sauce.
Nawabi (M)  £9.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, coconut milk, cream,
honey and fresh fenugreek leaves.
Achari Mirchi Bhuna £9.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with home-made pickle, onions, red peppers, chillies & pickled onions, served sizzling.
Rezala £9.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with extra yoghurt, chillies, mixed peppers, spring onions in a thick sauce.

(Alternate Dishes Can Be Made Upon Request)

Chilli Masala /£8.95
Tenderly cooked chicken/lamb with mixed peppers, onions, sweet-sour chilli sauce with a touch of fresh mint.
Tikka Masala (M)  £8.95
Chicken or lamb Marinated & half cooked in clay oven then cooked in special masala sauce.
Passanda (M) £8.95
Chicken or lamb tikka marinated & half cooked in clay oven then cooked with fresh cream, yoghurt & nuts.
Karahi  £8.95
Chicken or lamb medium dish with ginger, garlic, onions, coriander & mixed peppers 
Moricha £8.95
Chicken or lamb Cooked in a thick tangy sauce with dry chillies and peppers 
Garlic Chilli £8.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a rich hot sauce with extra garlic
Butter Makhni (M) £8.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a rich creamy butter based sauce (Highly recommended)
Jalfrezi £8.95
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with chunky onions, green peppers, garlic, ginger & fresh green chilli
Keema Punjabi £8.95
Classic minced lamb tossed with garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander & garden green peas
Shimla (M) £8.95
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka half cooked in clay oven then cooked in rich & mild sauce with mango pulp
Saag  £8.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh chopped spinach with extra garlic 
Methi £8.95
Chicken or lamb cooked in vibrantly spiced sauce with fresh fenugreek leaves.
(Medium dish cooked with herbs & coriander)
Madaras //
(Popular curry dish, extensively prepared with chilli & lemon juice) 
Vindaloo //
Pstrongly flavoured spices in thick gravy with potato)
Rogon Josh (Medium)
strength, spiced & garnished with tomatoes & peppers)
Dansak /
(Hot sweet & sour sauce with mixed lentils)
Pathia /
(Hot sweet & sour with onions, tomatoes & fresh spices)
Bhuna (Medium)
(Cooked with onions, mixed peppers, tomatoes)
Dupiaza (Medium)
(Medium curry with fresh herbs & extra onions)
Ceylon /
(Fairly hot dish, cooked with coconut)
Korma (M)
(Cooked with almond & coconut cream)
Available with
Chicken or Lamb £7.95
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka  £8.95
Prawn £8.95
King Prawn £11.95
Duck  £9.95
Vegetable or Paneer (V) £7.50


These delicious dishes are cooked with blended spices, fresh tomatoes,
mixed peppers, onions & chefs special balti paste, served with naan bread
Chicken or Lamb £9.95
Chicken Tikka £10.95
Lamb Tikka  £10.95
Duck £12.95
King Prawn  £14.95
Prawn £10.95
Vegetable (V) £8.95
Paneer (V) £8.95 
Sweet & Sour Duck  £10.95
Duck cooked in tangy sweet & sour sauce 
Duck Tikka Masala (M)  £10.95
Marinated & grilled, then cooked in a mild sauce with almond & coconut cream
Duck Mirchi Bhuna £10.95
Cooked with extra garlic, coriander, tomato, dry chilli & tamarind 
Duck Makhni (M) £10.95
Cooked in a butter based creamy sauce with almonds
King Prawn Sizzler  £13.50
Marinated king prawns grilled in a clay oven then cooked with fresh spring onions, garlic and chefs secret recipe
Tandoori King Prawn Masala (M) £13.50
Marinated and half cooked in clay oven then cooked in special masala sauce.
King Prawn Naga Mirchi Bhuna //£13.50
Cooked with fresh naga coriander, tomato, onions with a thick sauce.
King Prawn Roshuni Bhuna £13.50
Rich hot curry with extra garlic, tomatoes, dry and fresh green chillies.
King Prawn Jalfrezi £13.50
Rich hot curry with onions, garlic, ginger, capsicums, tomatoes, fresh green chillies.
King Prawn Karahi  £13.50
Medium dish with garlic, ginger, onions, coriander, green peppers.
King Prawn Saag  £13.50
King prawns cooked with extra garlic, blend of spices & fresh spinach. 
King Prawn Methi (M)  £13.50
Medium spiced succulent king prawns infused with fresh fenugreek leaves.
King Prawn Delight (M)    £13.50
Tandoori king prawns cooked in a mild creamy butter sauce with fresh fruits.
Malabari King Prawns (M)   £13.50
King Prawns cooked in butter sauce with a touch of curry leaves & coconut cream.
Seabass Grill  £13.50
Fresh Seabass grilled fillet served on a bed of Aloo garlic cake in thick butter sauce.
Salmon Mahi Masala (M) £13.50
Fresh salmon, deliciously cooked in velvety aromatic gravy.
Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Chau-Chau £8.50
Stir fried soft noodles with fresh vegetables, garlic, coriander & mixed spiced sauce.
Prawn Chau-Chau  £8.50
Stir fried soft noodles with fresh vegetables, garlic, coriander & mixed spiced sauce.
King Prawn Chau-Chau £12.50
Stir fried soft noodles with fresh vegetables, garlic, coriander & mixed spiced sauce.
Vegetable Or Panner Chau-Chau (V) £7.50
Stir fried soft noodles with fresh vegetables, garlic, coriander & mixed spiced sauce.
(Prepared in basmati rice & served with vegetable curry)
Chicken / Lamb  £9.95
Chicken / Lamb Tikka  £10.95
King Prawn  £14.95
Prawn  £10.95
Imperial  £12.95
consisting of Chicken, Lamb & Prawns 
Duck  £12.95
Vegetable / Paneer (V)  £8.95
Bombay Aloo £3.95
Aloo Paneer  £3.95
Potato & Indian cheese
Aloo Gobi  £3.95
Potatoes & cauliflower
Gobi Bhaji  £3.95
Niramish  £3.95
Fresh mixed dry vegetables 
Mixed Veg Curry  £3.95
Fresh mixed saucy vegetables 

Saag Bhaji  £3.95
Spinach & garlic 

Saag Aloo  £3.95
Spinach & potatoes
Saag Paneer  £3.95
Spinach & Indian cheese 
Saag Dhaal  £3.95
Spinach, lentils & garlic
Chana Paneer  £3.95
Chickpeas & Indian cheese.
Tarkha Dhaal  £3.95
Mixed lentils
Dhaal Makhani  £4.25
Black lentils with butter 
Gobi Methi Mottor  £4.25
Cauliflower, fenugreek, peas.
Brinjal Bhaji  £3.95
Bhindi Bhaji  £3.95
Mushroom Bhaji  £3.95 
Raaitha  £2.95
Plain, Cucumber Or mixed.
Boiled Rice  £2.60
Pilau Rice (Basmati)  £2.70
Vegetable Rice  £3.50
Onion Rice  £3.50
Garlic Rice  £3.50
Egg Rice  £3.50
Mushroom Rice  £3.50
Special Fried Rice  £3.50
Egg  Peas & Sultanas 
Shahi Rice  £3.50
Pineapple, Coconut, Sultanas & Cream
Keema Rice Minced Lamb  £3.95
Garlic & Cheese Rice  £3.95
Plain Naan  £2.50
Garlic Naan  £2.70
Peshwari Naan  £2.70
Mango, Coconut & Almond
Keema Naan Minced Lamb  £3.50
Cheese Naan  £3.50
Chilli Naan  £2.95
Chappati  £1.95
Paratha  £2.95
Vegetable Paratha  £3.50
(All dishes served with Chips)
Chicken Nuggets   £6.50
Scampi  £6.50
Mushroom Omelette  £6.50
Chicken Omelette  £6.95
Cheese Omelette   £6.95
Chips  £1.95
Vegetarian Set Meal For 2 £30.95
Vegetable Platter For 2, Vegetable Bhuna, Vegetable Makhani, Gobi Methi Mottor, Saag Aloo, 2 Pilau Rice, 1 Plain Naan & 1 Garlic Naan.
Non Vegetarian Set Meal For 2 £35.95
Mixed Platter for 2, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogon Josh, Mushroom Baaji, Bombay Aloo, 2 Pilau Rice, 1 Plain Naan & 1 Peshwari Naan
Banquet Night £11.95
Every Wednesday. Choose From Our Menu
1 Starter, 1 Main Course, 1 Side Dish, 1 Rice or Naan & Coffee
(dine in only)
T & C apply. For more details see Banquet Menu
Vanilla / Mint Ice-cream £ 2.50
Limocello  £3.95
Matka Kulfi  £3.95
Punky  £2.75
Royal Pot  £3.95
SORBET  £2.95
Cafecino Bombe  £2.95
Coconut Supreme  £3.95
Kulfi  £2.75
Tea £1.95
Coffee £1.95
Floater Coffee £2.95
Special Liqueur  Coffee £3.95